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Our Commitment to Health and Safety

At Weithman Brothers, we recognize our employees as are our most valued asset. That's why we make safety a top priority. We are committed to our company safety program which endorses the following principles:

Management Commitment

Weithman Brothers believes in the premise that safety starts from the top down. Our management team and supervisory staff are committed to safety and actively participate with our employees as part of the company’s safety team. To help fully understand the impacts of safety, all management and supervisory staff receive the OSHA Construction Safety 30 Hour safety training.

Employee Participation

By including all associates as part of our company safety committee, and encouraging them to share safety ideas and incentives, our safety program continually evolves within the company. Each field employee is required to obtain safety training and OSHA Construction Safety 10 Hour Status. The training doesn’t stop there. Safety training and attitude is reinforced during, job specific training sessions as well as weekly safety meetings and discussion.

Safety Pre-Planning

Before the work begins, top management, including our on site supervisory staff, assess the project jobsite in an effort to realistically determine any potential safety hazards and threats. Appropriate steps are taken to eliminate potential risks. This safety pre-planning is a cornerstone in incident prevention and is an initiative of the company safety committee.

Drug Free Workplace

In an effort to further enhance the safety of our employees as well as protect both the property, operations, productivity and public image of both our company as well as that of our clientele, Weithman Brothers maintains a Drug Free Workplace Policy in accordance with the requirements of the State of Ohio BWC and the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988.

The Substance-Free Workplace program is applicable to all employees including its officers, executives, and management personnel. To ensure our goal of operating as a Substance-Free Workplace, while at the same time protecting employees and the public against the negative effects of substance abuse, employees are subject to testing as follows: Pre-Employment, Reasonable Suspicion, Post-Accident, and Random for Project Specific Required Testing